Collinswood Designs Products


Surround Mantels

To complete your fireplace setting, we offer a full surround mantel, which encloses the firebox on three sides. Collinswood surrounds are superbly crafted of the finest hardwoods assuring durability and timeless appeal, carefully sanded to bring out the natural beauty of solid wood, and then treated with stains and sealers to enhance and protect your investment. We can custom build your mantel to suit your needs.

Lite Mantels

The Collinswood Lite series mantels are specifically designed for medium to small fireplace settings. Each style is tastefully proportioned and detailed to blend comfortably with today's highly varied home decor. Their size and styling is particularly appropriate for fireplace settings in bedrooms, remodel projects, and other applications where space is limited but richness in detail is desired. We can modify the size of our mantels to custom fit your firebox openings.

Mantel Shelves

Our solid hardwood shelves are available in a wide range of styles, from the traditional to contemporary. Each is constructed with the same quality workmanship found in our full surround mantels, and features a generous 8" top depth from the wall for safe support of objects. Shelves can be custom-sized to any length and depth.

Related Products

Collinswood also offers architectural woodworking products for completing the hearth setting. We will custom design rich frame and panel treatments for your specific needs. Turn plain drywall into a fabulously warm room with the beauty of wood.